When Can You Buy Your New iPad?

the new iPAd

Looking to get an iPad, but not into the idea of pre-ordering and waiting for it to arrive? You can always hit up your local Apple Store. When can you pick it up? According to the Houston Chronicle, the Highland Village Apple Store will open Friday, March 16th at 8am. This is when the new iPad will go on sale.

The Chronicle did ask whether or not other Apple Stores would open two hours earlier as well, but they would not say. Still, Apple has traditionally opened their stores at 8am for past iPad launches in order to get them in the hands of eager consumers a bit early.

That’s good news for those who don’t want to wait for the FedEx guy/girl.

We will probably find out soon when the tablet goes on sale at other retailers, and we will update this post in order to let our readers know.


[Via The Houston Chronicle]

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