5 iPhone 5 Rumors For You to Digest

Another round of iPhone rumors have come about. Whether it’s going to be the iPhone 5 or the iPhone 6, we do know one thing, Apple is planning a new handset this year and it’s going to be faster than the current model. Other than that, it’s not entirely clear what we can expect.

Still, that hasn’t stopped people from speculating and reporting rumors. Today alone we have a new set of rumors. Let’s take a look at everything that’s come up just for Monday morning.


A5X or Variation of A5X Chip

The first rumor to come about is that Apple is testing a new iPhone with the A5X chip, or some variation of it. It’s likely that it’s not exactly the same piece found in the new iPad. This is because the chip in the new iPad is built specifically to power the Retina display, which is four times the resolution of the previous iPad models. Higher resolution graphics mean more power required to run it. The A5X gives it just what it needs. Link


1GB of RAM

The same report pointing to the A5X-powered iPhone said that the new device should have 1GB of RAM. This is easy to believe as it’s what the new iPad currently has, and it’s about what’s expected of smartphones nowadays. 1GB of RAM is on par with what’s out there, and it makes sense for Apple to be going with 1GB for the next iPhone. We don’t expect much more, and we don’t expect much less. We’re sure Apple is testing such a device internally.


Unibody Design

Another report points to a unibody design for the new iPhone. That’s an interesting idea. This is likely to be something similar to the current iPad models, if it’s what we are picturing when we hear “unibody.” Perhaps a single piece of aluminum for the back of the device, and a screen. Link


Larger Screen

This isn’t a new rumor, but it resurfaced with the unibody report. According to reports, the new iPhone will have a larger screen as well. This is possible (though whether we want to see this is debatable) because many people have been asking for a larger screen. Of course Apple has never really been one to just go with the flow. Still, it competes with devices that have larger screens, and it may be useful for games, etc. Even then, the current size is great. However, we never know until it’s announced.


Due in October

We originally heard June from one person at Foxconn, but we are a bit more inclined to believe October. One executive at the company responsible for building iPhones for Apple says that the new iPhone is likely to arrive in October. He is in charge of hiring at Foxconn, so he may know a thing or two. However, he is likely just guessing based on hiring goals. We think October does make sense, because the iPhone 4S was an October launch, and we took that as an indication that Apple wanted to push their yearly schedule to the fall season, just before the holidays. Link


What do you expect from the new iPhone?

Do you think they will even call it the iPhone 5? We are going with iPhone 6, maybe. Then again, the new iPad isn’t the iPad 3. Apple could decide to just mess with our expectations again and call it something like the newest new iPhone or the iPhone cool. Whatever. It’s coming sometime this year, and bets are on both June and October. We won’t know for a while, so let’s just keep asking ourselves. Until then, we don’t have much to work with other than rumors.


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