8 Cool Photo Apps for Your iPhone

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Facebook recently picked up Instagram for $1 billion. Now some folks are worried about the future of the previously iPhone-only social photosharing app. Whatever happens, know that there are a variety of apps that do similar things, they just don’t have the name recognition of Instagram.

Either way, they exist, and here they are.

Cool Effect Apps

1) SpinCam

SpinCam is a sweet app that makes it easy to take simple panoramas. We wrote a hands-on with it, and it’s definitely one of our top iPhone apps to emerge in the past months. It even lets you do the cheesy Matrix effect where you can pretend to be kicking a friend and have the camera pan around you.


2) Cinemagram

This app lets you create simple animations with your iPhone. It has a weird, interesting effect. It’s very cool. You capture an image/video then you can animate a specific portion of the video. This creates effects like a person looking in a mirror while their reflection turns away, etc.




Filter Apps

3) Snapster

Snapster is all about taking quick photos and interesting filters to the images. You can draw in RGB curves and more. The app is free, but you can buy Snapster+ for $2.99 within the app.


4) Lo-Mob

Lo-Mob is another simple photo filter app. Truth be told, it doesn’t really do anything that other apps don’t do, but it has a few cool filters worth checking out.


5) Infinicam

Like photo filters? Check out Infinicam. It’s another application that gives you the ability to add filters to your photos. Just snap and tap.




Collage and Frame Apps

6) Pic Collage

We really like this one. Not only is it free, it is fun. Take a bunch of photos and turn them into a cool collage. Truth be told, it makes us think more of the late 80s early 90s, but it’s still very cool.


7) InFrameFoto 

This app lets you add neat borders to the photos you take with your iPhone. You can adjust them to your liking and apply simple effects and filters to your photos.


8) CamStar 

This app is similar to those photo booths at the mall. You know, the ones that create weird effects and take multiple pictures, or put you on a wanted poster? It’s that, but on your iPhone. It also has basic effects that make you look like pencil sketch and more.


Photosharing is Fun

Who ever would have thought that one day we’d find so much joy in sharing photos? It’s happened. Now we take pictures, apply effects and share them with friends. Fun times. We’re sure there are many more, but these are the ones that stood out to us, and apps we have used time and time again, because we genuinely enjoy them.

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