A Look At The History of the iPhone Nano of Legend


The iPhone Nano has been rumored for years. Heck, it was a rumor before iSmashPhone was even born. Websites were reporting on Apple’s plans to release a cheaper iPhone before any of us even knew that Apple would be planning yearly revisions. Over the years, more and more stories emerged of a smaller, lower-cost iPhone nano, or something similar hitting the market. It never happened.

Even as recently as yesterday we heard a rumor of the smaller, lower-cost iPhone. It’s been five years, the thing hasn’t shown up. How is everyone still so sure about it? Especially now with Apple making the 3GS free under contract, a move we suspect they will pull with the iPhone 4 when the next iPhone is released.

Anyway, those who want to read up on the history of the mythical smaller handset can check out Time’s look back at the many rumors about the iPhone nano here.

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