A Look Inside Apple HQ – It’s Pretty

Apple front desk

(We’re sure that the iMacs at the front desk have been updated since this photo was taken.)

Ever wonder what the insides of Apple’s Cupertino campus looks like?

The Apple Gazette has managed to gather a boatload of pictures. They capture several of the rooms and areas of Apple HQ, many of which are probably not meant for the public to see.

It’s a cool bunch of photos, and it’s worth checking out the full set as we all know that this won’t be Apple HQ for long. In a few years we will see Apple’s awesome spaceship building.

Here are a couple of shots … just two of 30:

Apple Halls

Apple HQ inside shot

As to not take away from the hard work of the fellow who did the extensive image search, we suggest you check out the rest at AppleGazette.

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