Accessory Spotter: iPad Keyboard Case Makes Your iPad an Instant Apple Notebook

iPad keyboad case

Already have an iPad 2, but you want to have something more along the lines of a MacBook and can’t wait for that fancy, thin rumored MacBook Pro? Well, this Keyboard case is for you.

The folks at 9to5Mac spotted it, and it’s basically an iPad turned MacBook. Of course it’s missing some features, but still. You get your keyboard, and even some USB ports. We don’t know that it’s exactly for us as we just carry a laptop if we want a laptop. We carry our iPad when we want light and easy-to-carry. So while this may work for some, it seems a bit self-defeating in my opinion. Still, that doesn’t mean it won’t work for those who only choose to carry an iPad around, but want some way to type things up on a physical keyboard.


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