Accessory Spotter: Sensu Brush


It’s pretty darned fun to use some of the iPad’s many painting or drawing programs. Apps like Brushes give us the feel of painting on a canvas. However, we are all usually painting with our fingers when we use an iPad. That’s why this is pretty cool. It’s Sensu Brush.

There are plenty of accessories for the iPhone and iPad that function as a stylus. The truth is, many of them are pretty awesome, but they are designed to simulate the feel of a pen or marker. This accessory is really meant to emulate the feel of painting with a brush.

It’s $30 bucks, so it may set you back a little bit, but that’s not far from many of the other iPad styli that we’ve come across in the past. Of course most of those are fashioned after a pen. On the bright side, there’s no cleanup afterward.

[via Uncrate]


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