And The Highest-Rated CEO Is… (Tim Cook)

Tim Cook recently released their results for the 25 highest-rated CEOs of 2012.  Tim Cook of Apple was number one with a 97 percent approval rating. Steve jobs was first last year around the same time with a 95 percent approval rating. Note that these ratings are all based on employee feedback, not an outsider’s perspective.

Also in the technology sector are Paul E. Jacobs of Qualcomm with a 95 percent approval rating, Google’s Larry Page with a 94 percent rating (Eric Schmidt was rated at 96 percent last year). Intel’s Paul Maritz with a 90 percent approval rating, up significantly from his 75 percent rating last year.

CEO Rankngs

Hit the link below for the full list and rundown of the top-rated CEOs as well as rankings:

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