Apple canceling some WWDC orders for multiple tickets


Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference is scheduled to happen June 11 through 15. Tickets went on sale on Wednesday while many Mac and iOS developers were still cozied up under the sheets, and sold out within two hours. This left many of them upset, because they did not have their shot at purchasing one of the $1600 tickets to the event.

Now Wired is reporting that Apple is canceling orders for those who made purchases of multiple tickets. This is said to be a move to counter scalping. It seems that some folks turn around and sell tickets through eBay or Craigslist.

The policy Apple introduced this year limits individual developers to one ticket. Makes sense. Companies are limited to five tickets.

This isn’t working well for everyone. As Wired points out:

I just got an email from Apple ‘Because you are not eligible to buy it, we are canceling the WWDC ticket you bought this morning.’ What?!” Aaron Hillegass tweeted Wednesday. Matthew McComb had a similar issue, but determined the cause, tweeting: “WWDC ticket cancelled by Apple because the company card was used to purchase 2 tickets (different dev. accounts, shipping addresses, names!)”

Ouch. The good news is that Apple is reinstating those tickets that were legitimately purchased by a company for multiple persons. All they have to do is contact Apple and inform them of the situation, and they will take a second look at the order.

[The Next Web via Wired]

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