Apple Looking into Issues With New iPad

 iPad wifi issues

Image Credit: 9to5Mac

Apple has started investigating and taking care of new iPad units with wifi issues. We learned about this a few weeks back, shortly after the tablet was released. We personally haven’t experienced anything worse than we had with our other iPads. That said, our iPad does show a weaker connection than our MacBook Air. We also learned that wifi issues have been a problem since the original iPad.

Apple is looking into the new iPad and the issues users have been reporting.  They will take care of and 3rd generation iPad with wifi issues. According to the AppleCare document that was leaked, it seems that it may be an issue with the wifi-only iPad (which may explain why we haven’t had problems.) Still, it’s a bummer to have shoddy wifi if you’re experiencing it.

[Via 9to5Mac]


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