Apple Opening Secure, Employee-Only Restaurant


Apple is all about keeping things a secret these days. Unfortunately, things somehow manage to get out. Two years in a row, an iPhone prototype was lost, and made it into the wrong hands. They were both lost in public settings as they were undergoing testing in real-world locations.

It seems that Apple wants to prevent those sorts of problems in the future by opening up a restaurant that’s designed exclusively for Apple employees. This is in hopes of preventing lost prototypes or leaks of information.

As you may know, Apple is located right in Silicon Valley. This means that they are surrounded by rival tech companies. Employees go to bars, restaurants, etc. Things can get out. That’s why Apple hopes to avoid those sorts of problems by having their own full-service restaurant for employees. They can talk about their work without the worry of things getting out.

Pretty interesting.

[via Digital Trends]

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