Apple Prompting iOS Users With Security Questions in Hopes of Increasing Apple ID Security

iOS security Questions

Image credit: Ars Technica

Apple is reportedly sending iOS device users a notification asking for additional security info in hopes of reducing or preventing Apple ID theft.

We haven’t seen if for ourselves, but the pictures above (via Ars Techinca) show the notification and some of the security questions that must be answered by the user, it says “For your protection, these will help us verify your identity in the future.”

They will also have to provide a backup email address for their Apple ID, reports Ars. It’s also reported that some users are being asked to answer those questions through iTunes on their computer. It seems that there are many phishers out there trying to get people’s Apple IDs and this is Apple’s way of reducing that. Ars has also contacted Apple on the matter and confirmed that the prompts are in fact from Apple, so users do not have to worry about it being some strange phishing attempt.

[Via Ars Technica]

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