Apple Stores Replace iMacs for iPads at Kids’ Table

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Ah, the kids’ table at the Apple Store. Ages ago it had a circle of eMacs. After that, they dumped the eMac and went iMac. Today, you will find the iPad instead.

That’s right. The tables that once had iMacs loaded with kids’ educational software now have a handful of iPads. These also now have educational apps. This of course is part of Apple’s post-PC era vision. Not to mention, the iPad does pretty much what kids may need of it. There is educational software, there are books, everything is simple and touch-based and it runs about half the price of an iMac.

Also great about the iPad is that it feels a bit more personal than a computer. It allows a kid to hold it in their hands, and their parents can sit next to them as they use apps together. A computer does offer that, but there is something about having the device in your hands or resting on your lap that makes it a more personal experience akin to reading a book with your child.

Last year, we also learned that Apple Stores were replacing the MacBook Pros at their Genius Bars with iPads as well.

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