Apple’s Texas Facility Delayed Due to Disagreement Between Apple and County


Apple wants to build a $304 million facility in Austin. The move would bring 3,600 jobs to Austin, TX. However, there is a disagreement between the Cupertino Company and the Travis County Commissioners Court.

They want to set up an Americas Operations Center in the city, according to reports. This would be set up to run most of Apple’s business operations in North and South America.

A major part of Apple’s reasoning when they chose to build in Austin was a deal that the state would provide nearly $36 million in incentives over the next 10 to 15 years, say reports. However, the Travis County Commissioners Court would provide around $5.6 to $6.4 million of that money.

Here’s a portion of the report:

Opponents of the deal raised their objections at a Tuesday meeting of the Court, with Bill Aleshire (an attorney and former Travis County judge) and Ed Wendler (an Austin developer) picking through the details of the contract between the county and Apple. Aleshire said “I’m not sorry that Apple is frustrated … That’s a sorry contract.” He felt that Apple “had it rigged so they could not comply with the contract yet end up with county staff basically renegotiating the terms that they would have to comply with.”

Well, let’s see where that goes.

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