Bloody Western iSmashPhone Review

 Bloody Western

Bloody Western is an iOS game that puts players in the role of a character in the wild, wild west. They can be an outlaw, or they can choose to maintain law. The concept is fun, as many of us dream of the coolness of the cowboy life.

Well, actually, the cowboy life probably wasn’t all that cool, if you look at the facts. Still, the movies always made it look awesome.

Bloody Western is kind of what the name implies. It’s a western with some violence. It’s not the coolest name, but at least it sums it up pretty well.

As for the gameplay, it’s a lot like those older Facebook games that used to be all the hotness a few years ago, such as Mafia Wars. You level up your character, work on your abilities, equip new gear and move your way through completing missions that require increasingly more experience. The game is almost entirely menu-driven. It works with the iPhone’s touch-based controls, but some who expected an experience like Red Dead Redemption may be in for a surprise.

The graphics throughout the menus seem somewhat inspired by Red Dead character art, actually. They are 2D illustrations of characters, and could be the cover of a graphic novel. They are one of the most enjoyable parts of the game. That’s not meant to be taken negatively. The drawings are just cool.

The game is free, so it’s worth checking out, as are many free games. However, there are in-app purchases for those who want to play with the game further. This one is definitely one for those who enjoyed Mafia Wars on Facebook.



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