Boo Hoo – iOS Fans Upset Because Android Got Instagram, Too


Let’s play the saddest song on the world’s tiniest violin for those angered Instagram users. It seems that fans of the popular photo taking and sharing application are upset at the fact that it’s also been released for Android. Why? They say it’s become too crowded. Silly hipsters.

We’re sure they wanted to use Instagram before it was cool. They were happy to be using it before everyone else was. However, now they say there are too many users and too many pictures going up. While there were 30 million users on iOS, there are a potential hundreds of millions of users with Android.

The news almost sounds like an April Fools joke, but that was a few days ago already. This is legitimately angering some users. They seem to want Instagram all for themselves.

Here’s whats happening though: New users on Android phones are taking lots of pictures and uploading. They are new to the app, so of course they are going to be anxious to use it. Besides, many of them have been waiting for some time. One of my friends Tweeted me saying just that “Woohoo! They finally made Instagram for Android!”

Keep in mind, however, that many of these are just new users. They are excited about the new app and taking plenty of pictures. Instagram may also figure it’s time to upgrade their servers. Who knows. Then, there will be many users who were just downloading and using it because it was released and announced. In about a week or so they will forget all about it, again cutting traffic down a bit. See? Nothing to worry about.

[Via The Register]

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