Control Your Dreams With This App?

Okay, we won’t claim anything with this one. We just thought it was an interesting concept. Supposedly, this app will allow users to control their dreams. At least that’s the theory the folks behind the app hope to figure out.

The app is called Dream:ON. It monitors your movement while you sleep, likely with the iPhone’s built-in accelerometer. As you doze off, or hit REM, the application starts to play some sort of mood music or ‘soundscape’ based on what they want to dream about. At least that’s how it’s supposed to work. We haven’t tried it for ourselves, and it does sound like a bold claim. Then again, I’m not a sleep expert. The concept could be similar to when you hear someone speaking in your sleep and somehow they enter your dream. Either way, it’s all an experiment at this point, and it lets users log their dreams after they wake up to see if they are really influenced.

The downside? The app is free, but the SoundScapes are not. Sorry, buddy, you want us to pay for your little science project as you test out a theory and log our dreams for you?





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