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DJ Rig Free

DJ Rig Free for iPhone is an app that puts you at the virtual turntables. The UI is very simple. It’s a picture of two turntables, play/pause buttons and a crossfader. Spin with your thumbs and play with the beats.

I’m no DJ, so I can’t speak from the perspective of someone who actually knows what the heck he’s doing. However, it’s bit fun to just play around with simple beats and scratch at the virtual turntables. I won’t be entertaining crowds in Europe anytime soon, but it’s fun to thumb around and scratch on this sucker.

Some of the fancier features are things like the automatic beat match, which will match the tempos on both turntables. There is also a three-band EQ, which is very simple, you must register to use this however.

What’s especially fun, actually, is taking music from your iTunes playlist and playing it back in the app. It’s a little tough as you must beat match, and we’re not entirely sure how accurate the algorithm is in this app, but it’s still a bit hard to get right between two songs. That’s more us and our inexperience with DJing than anything.

You can also check out individual waveforms and play with those to select pieces.

The software also allows for live sampling and has some pads for playback. It’s fun for quick playback of simple sounds and beats. Think of it as one of those midi triggers that allows for sample playback. Could make for a simple drum machine.

The app is free, and in-app purchases are available.

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