Foxconn Hiring Like Mad to Boost iPhone 5 Production

foxconn hiring

A recent report claims that Foxconn is hiring 18k new employees in order to increase production in time for the iPhone 5. A recruiter for Foxconn claims that the device is set to launch in June. Of course that’s all speculation, and a report or recruiter can say anything.

Still, this upcoming iPhone launch (I really don’t think Apple will call it the iPhone 5 since it will actually be the 6th-generation iPhone) will probably be one of the toughest to predict. We now have two probably windows to anticipate. We can ask ourselves if Apple is going back to their usual summer launch timeframe, or if they are going to keep the iPhone as a fall product, which seemed to work very well for them last time.

The news report is from a Tokyo-based news outlet, so unless you know Japanese, you won’t get much out of it.

You can watch the video at Macotakara.


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