Further Proving Patent System is Screwed, Man Sues Apple Over Smart Cover

 Smart Cover

The US patent system gets pretty hairy sometimes. In this latest example, a man by the name Jerald Bovino out of Aspen Colorado is suing Apple over the design of the Smart Cover. He alleges that the company is using a design like his in order to protect the iPad, and has not licensed the patent.

This is in regards to US patent 6,997,809. It describes a computer cover that has ribs or panels that will protect the device and its screen. This is like the iPad’s Smart Cover. However, as reports say, Apple’s design is in order to allow the cover to fold back and even to function as a stand for the device.

It’s also worth noting that Apple was recently granted a patent for the Smart Cover design.

He seeks royalties for the patent.

[via Mac Observer]

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