Here Is Your Next Round of iPhone Rumors

iPhone 4S

We all know that Apple plans on updating the iPhone sometime this year. Heck, they’ve done it every year for the past five years, so why wouldn’t they?

Anyway, with each upcoming handset, the rumors start piling up. We have no way of knowing which will turn out true and which will turn out to be total BS. Still, we like sorting through them and picking them up. It’s fun, and it gets us a bit excited for what may be to come.

Let’s take a look at the next generation iPhone rumors that have emerged today.


1) The next iPhone Probably Won’t Be Thinner It May Have a Larger Battery

It’s said that the next iPhone may not be thinner. The materials will be thinner, such as the touch panel and the back panel, which is rumored to be metal. Normally, that would make for a smaller iPhone, but it may not be the case this time around. What is expected, however, according to an Analyst at KGI securities (and we know when analysts talk Apple, you should always move in with a healthy dose of skepticism( the space savings will be used for a larger battery. This is similar to what happened with the new iPad. The tablet is nearly the same size as the previous model, just a tiny bit thicker and heavier. Link


2) Low-End iPhone due This Year?

This rumor has been around for a while as well. It’s said that Apple plans to release a lower-end iPhone. Now it’s supposed to happen this year. However, that’s still a bit hard to believe at this point. It’s not that we don’t think Apple would want a phone that caters to those who don’t want to spend big bucks on a handset. However, they made that the iPhone 3GS this year. It’s free now. We figure Apple will do the same with the iPhone 4 when the next-generation iPhone releases and the iPhone 4S drops to $99. Link


3) The Home Button isn’t Going Anywhere

Looks like TVC-Mall, a vendor of iPhone parts, says that they have “iPhone 5” Home buttons. It seems just like the others at first, but those who take a closer look will see that it’s different. At least the stuff that would show up on the internals, such as the backside and the components that hold it in place.

iPhone Home Button



What Do You Expect from the next iPhone?

There are plenty of rumors coming around about the next iPhone. We can’t know which are true yet, but still. It’s worth checking some out, even though we know a good portion of them won’t be accurate. Oh well, it’s fun to speculate, right?

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