Here’s Another iPhone Mock-Up With a 4-Inch Screen

 iPhone 5 or iPhone 6 mockup

We’ve seen a few iPhone mock-ups in the past. Many of them show a four-inch screen for Apple’s handset. It’s kind of wishful thinking for now, but that’s not to say that Apple wouldn’t release such a device. One that we really dug, but seems less likely, gave the handset an extra-wide screen and an extra row of app icons on the Home Screen, it looked cool. Then there were some that looked very different, such as the mockup that takes a cue from Apple’s Magic Mouse.

This one looks a bit like an iPhone/iPad hybrid. Still, we don’t see it happening, and it’s not one of the cooler designs we’ve seen. Still, it’s fun to take a look at what artists dream up. The truth is that Apple is likely to want to scale things up proportionally if at all. This would make things easier for them as well as for App developers.

iPhone 5 or iPhone 6 mockup 2

[via 9to5Mac]

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