How Did This Happen? 650K Macs Are Still Infected With Flashback Trojan

Flashback Trojan

Looks like that pesky Flashback trojan is still around. It’s worse than we thought. First, we’d heard there was somewhere at 600k Macs infected. Later we heard that the number had been drastically reduced as tools for removal were released.

Sadly, the 140k we’d heard the infection had been reduced to was far from right. IT seems that Dr. Web, the Russian security firm that first discovered the trojan, revealed Monday that several Macs are still infected.

Apparently, there were many computers that had previously been unaccounted for. On top of that, more computers were becoming infected each day, adding to the problem.

In a nutshell, as CultofMac says, if you somehow have a computer that’s still infected, it means you are not keeping your Mac up to date with the latest firmware. Regular updates are free. There’s no reason not to install them.

[Via Cult of Mac]

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