How to Piss Off Apple – Carrier Shows Us How

The New iPad

That’s probably one way to anger Apple.

Partner Communications Ltd. recently signed an agreement with Apple Inc. franchisee iDigital Ltd. to sell new iPads (3rd generation) after Partner did not agree to some terms set by Apple.

According to a report by the Jerusalem Post, Apple wanted Partner Communications to sell a minimum number of iPads. Supposedly, it was an amount that would have totaled to around 100k a year. That’s not a number they saw happening. They had their reasons, as the report describes:

“The mobile carriers faced a dilemma, because the iPad is not like an iPhone, and committing to selling such a large number of units was liable to remain an unmet promise, given the presence in the market of tablets that are almost as good as the iPad 3, which was not the case when the iPhone was launched.”

Well, we’re sure Apple won’t be too happy with it. Who knows if they will try to put a stop to it, or if they will do anything about it.

[via Jerusalem Post]


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