How to Unlock Your iPhone 4S

 Unlock iPhone 4

You want to unlock your iPhone 4S? It’s pretty easy, according to some recent instructions that have cropped up on the internet.

This was originally discovered by Weiphone’s Hacker Loktar_Sun. It unlocks the iPhone, and even the more recent iPhone 4S.


As the instructions say, only do this at your own risk. If you have any doubts, it’s best not to screw with your phone. Still, it’s usually pretty easy and in our experience harmless. We just aren’t going to be held responsible for what you do to your phone if you choose to follow the instructions below. Also, know that we have not tested it out for ourselves:


1) Install Sam Bingner’s Subscriber Artificial Module (SAM) package from Cydia. Available from the following repo –

2) Tap the SAMPrefs icon to launch SAM.

3) Under Utilities in SAM, choose “De-Activate iPhone”

4) Go to “More Information” and ensure that the iPhone is deactivated.

5) Select “By Country and Carrier” under Method. Select your carrier.

6) Under “More Information” copy your International Mobile Subscriber Identity (IMSI) this will be in SAM Details. TAp “Spoof Real SIM to SAM”

7) Connect your iPhone to a computer and iTunes will reactivate your device.

8) Now double-tap “Phone Number” on your iPhone and make sure that the ICCID matches your SIM card. If not, repeat the whole process up to here.

9) Disconnect your device from the computer and quit iTunes when all is done.

10) Disable SAM through the SAMPrefs app.

11) Connect the iPhone to your computer. iTunes will launch and inform you that it can’t activate the device.

12) Close and relaunch iTunes.

13) iTunes should now activate the handset.


That’s it!

According to what we’ve read, you should be able to turn the iPhone on and off, and it will remain unlocked.


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