iOS Developer Gets Inked to Promote His Tattoo Design App


There are plenty of ways to promote your app. Advertising on websites, radio and even TV. You get the word out, and hope that people bite. Still, that’s a bit hard. No one said promoting your app would be easy, right?

Well, one developer has taken it to a new level with Instattoo. He created an app that is actually a tattoo generator. Shapes are created using special algorithms, and users can from there modify those shapes further to make it completely their own. They swipe around the image to create custom designs.

Getting His Tattoo

To promote his app, the developer, who simply goes by the nickname Toyo, chose to create something on his app and get it tattooed on himself. That’s dedication. It’s an interesting way to get the concept across, and it definitely shows potential app purchasers that the developer was willing to get inked with the design that came out of their app. We asked him to prove it, here’s the photo. He’s actually the fellow in the video posted below.


What is Instattoo?

The application claims to be the first tattoo generator in the world. It also makes use of the iPad and iPhone’s touch controls to easily create a design and tweak it to your liking. Personally, I’m not that tattoo type, but as the video shows, you can get henna done as well, which isn’t nearly as permanent. What’s nice is that these designs lend themselves well to henna-type jobs as they are pretty designs made up of simple shapes.

According to the developer, the app uses an advanced algorithm to generate the designs “on a random basis.” They explain that none of the images are predefined. This “makes it possible to further manipulate them in a kaleidoscope-like manner with a simple swipe gesture.” In the end, they can scale the tattoos up or down, rotate and more. This, the developer says, enables them to “create literally billions of fantastic tattoos.”

From there, users can share their design on social networking sites such as Facebook and print out a high-resolution image, which will be necessary for the tattoo artist if they want to accurately recreate the image.


Especially Nice for Those Who Don’t Draw

Those who don’t draw will benefit because … well, they don’t have to draw. This means that designing a tattoo is easy even for those who aren’t artistically-inclined. Always a plus, and it’s what makes the application especially useful.


More Developers Going Beyond the Call of Duty

As you may know, WWDC 12 sold out in two hours. That’s fast. One developer who is eager to go decided that he would legally change his name. This is because tickets are non-transferrable this year. He hit Craigslist and is looking for someone with a ticket whose name he can burrow. Furthermore, he’s willing to perform any duties that the ticket holder may have, such as jury duty, DMV visits and more for up to 40 hours. He could just be pullin’ our chains, but it’s still kind of funny.


You can check out Instattoo below, it’s currently $4.99, but they say it’s a 50 percent off introductory price. We expect that soon enough it will go up to $10:

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