It Was Only a Matter of Time Before We Saw an Angry Birds Helicopter

Want an Angry Birds helicopter? It will set you back $50. Hey, we’ve seen games, costumes, stuffed animals what’s a helicopter, right?

Oh well, we will admit it’s kind of cute. Not only that, the makers know it will sell. Who can blame them? We’d do the same thing.

Anyway, you can check out some of the basic info here:

It’s time to take your Angry Birds obsession to real-life proportions with the Angry Birds Helicopter. Why settle for a game on a tablet or phone when you can hold the real thing in your hands and bring it to life! See your favorite Red Bird flying through the air in the form of a Helicopter. The Angry Birds Helicopter is a must have for all Angry Birds fans.

The Angry Birds Helicopter is a remote controlled toy that can be used indoors and outdoors. It is easy to control and responds seamlessly to your commands. Its sturdy construction and durable plastic body enables it survive high impact collisions and falls.

Angry Birds Helicopters are suitable for kids aged 8 and above. Charge it and watch it fly! Hours of fun guaranteed. (Editor’s Note: They just didn’t yet mention that these hours of fun come in 8-10 minute increments).


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