Journalist Rediscovers Hit Boatload of Steve Jobs Interviews


Rob Schlender, a journalist for FastTimes has stumbled upon a bunch of his old Steve Jobs interviews, he says. Apparently, they were all done over a period of 25 years, and many of the tapes he recorded were made during Steve’s time at NeXT and Pixar, while he was out of Apple.

There is some talk about his time at Pixar and how having a family may have actually helped him with the company as it became an animation studio.

It also mentioned that Steve said his management style was like that of the Beatles. Elaborating on that, he said, “The reason I say that is because each of the key people in the Beatles kept the others from going off in the directions of their bad tendencies…It was the chemistry of a small group of people, and that chemistry was greater than the sum of the parts.”

[via MacNN]

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