Judge Grants Apple Permission to Intervene in Lodsys Patent Lawsuits


Patent holding company Lodsys may have to take on Apple’s legal team in their fight against seven iOS developers they claim infringe on their patents.

A U.S. District Court Judge for the Eastern District of Texas has given Apple permission to intervene in the lawsuits.

Here’s a portion of a report by All Things D:

Though Apple’s intervention is limited to the issues of patent exhaustion and licensing, this is a clear boon for the independent developers Lodsys has been harassing. The company’s legal team is a formidable one, and its chances of beating Lodsys quickly and mercilessly into submission are likely pretty high, particularly if Apple’s license to the patents at issue here is determined to extend to iOS developers as it claims.

This case has been ongoing for a while, but Apple stepped in immediately to defend their developers, whom they consider business partners.

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