Kickstarter Raised $119 Million In One Year

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Website Kickstarter has raised $119 million in a year. This is its third year in operation. That $119 million is of course in projects that have been launched on the service. This means $6 million in commission for the service.

Kickstarter is an online service that’s geared at helping people with huge ideas and little funding get a kickstart, so to speak. They pitch their idea to the masses, and hope that enough people bite. If interest is high enough, people will donate the money necessary to launch the product and it becomes a reality.

Those who contribute are called “backers,” they are helping a product go from concept to creation and they often get benefits, such as incentives for donating various amounts of money. For instance, someone donating $25 bucks to a band’s campaign to get an album recorded may receive a free CD or t-shirt, someone donating $50 may get the shirt, CD and an autographed “thank you” and so on.

Either way, $119 million is huge, and that’s a lot of money going to inventors and idea people who otherwise may not have had the means to complete such projects. Recently, we’ve even seen mid-sized game development studios launch Kickstarter campaigns in order to get their projects off the ground.

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