Kindle Fire is Killing, Now Makes Up More Than Half of Android Tablet Market


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Image: Comscore

Amazon is rocking it right now. Market research firm ComScore found that the Kindle Fire, a $199 Android tablet/eReader, currently makes up 54.4 percent of the Android tablet market.

Amazon released the Kindle fire November 2011, and it’s already pulling its fair share. That could be thanks to the name behind it. The thing with Amazon is, they already offered a service, and the Fire became more of a way to consume the things they offer. This is somewhat like Apple and the iPad. iTunes was already around, apps existed and movie rentals were available. Apple simply gave them another means of consuming the stuff.

Here’s a portion of a GadgetBox Report:

“With Amazon’s well-known brand name, marketing muscle and widely used distribution channel, it’s not surprising to see the Kindle Fire take a leadership position in the Android tablet market,” Sarah Radwanick of comScore told “What is impressive is that it reached this position so quickly after its debut.”

It’s true. Approximately five months in and having half the share for Android tablets is no small feat. Amazon’s marketing push or not.

[via GadgetBox]

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