Medal of Gunner (MOG) iSmashPhone Review


Medal of Gunner (MOG) puts the player in the gunner’s seat of a World War II fighter. You will gun your way through the skies as you blow up the bad guys. It’s air WWII-themed combat for iPhone.

The Good

The game has two control methods. You can go with joystick controls or use the iPhone’s accelerometer for tilt-based controls. Control options are always good when it comes to games.

The concept is good enough as a game. It has the potential to work. However, that’s where the good ends.


The Bad

While the concept works, there are a few things that may benefit from tweaking. First, both control methods can be a bit frustrating. However, we think it has less to do with the controls themselves and more to do with the constant having to switch turrets. This is something that more advanced players may enjoy, but even as you are beginning it gets a bit annoying to have to switch between guns. It also breaks things up more than we would like. The game should ideally be a bit faster-paced and more arcade-like. We want waves of enemies and quick reflex-type action. Switching between different sections of the plane takes us out of that, even if just for a second.



The idea can work, but we think it would benefit greatly from a few gameplay tweaks. Even then, my opinion is just one of many, and it may be something that others enjoy. The iTunes ratings seem to rank it pretty well. There are plenty of instructions at the beginning, so you must so some reading to get started. Unfortunately, that’s a bit of a turnoff for an iOS game, or any game these days for that matter. The best games teach us as we play without letting us even realize we are going through a tutorial area.

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