My Facecard iSmashPhone Review

My Facecard

My Facecard for iPhone is an app designed for helping iPhone owners easily exchange contact information. Think of it as a virtual business card with basic contact information.

The Good

Facecard collects your contact information and puts it into one place. The layout is much like a business card, so information is easy to read. We also like the bump feature, which is much like the old iPhone app ‘Bump’. You simply bump your iPhone with another user while the app is running, and you will exchange contact information. It’s also nice that you can log in through Facebook. Just a little more convenient on our end.


The Bad

The app is still in its early stages. You have to start somewhere, but the bummer about it is that you won’t have many friends with the app. It will all rely heavily on whether friends accept invites or choose to download the application.



The app can definitely be useful for business trips. For most, the regular contact list may suffice, but the bump feature is pretty cool anyway.




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