New iPad’s Wifi Problems Are Caused by Bad Power Management?

The New iPad

A new report says that the issues with the new iPad’s wifi may have something to do with bad power management. That comes from a repair expert by the name of Aaron Vronko, who spoke with ComputerWorld regarding the problem the new tablet seems to be having for some users.

The Retina display makes use of Apple’s new A5X chip. It has the extra horsepower required to run the tablet’s enhanced graphics smoothly. However, this may also be causing issues with the wifi. According to Vronko, the chip, “boasts a new design including several power-saving features. Wi-Fi can be a hungry customer in mobile devices,” in a nutshell, he says they had to adjust power management so that the device could make use of wifi and power the chip. This affected wifi.

Also worth noting is that he says it is fixable. It’s all possible with a software update. Supposedly, resetting network settings to factory settings could also help temporarily take care of any issues. Apple is also replacing problematic units at retail stores.

Oh no! Do we smell another class action lawsuit about iPad wifi?

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