Report: Instagram Adds 10 Million Users in 10 Days


Before Instagram became available on Android, it sat at about 30 million users. In the 10 days since the release, it has grown to 40 million users, and it’s still growing.

According to reports, Android has around 500 million users, and their userbase is contributing significantly to that growth. We also recently learned that Facebook would be purchasing the company for a whopping $1 billion. Zuck and co. definitely have the money, and Instagram is growing in popularity. Why not?

iPodNN explains that Instagram launched October 2010, and by December of that same year already had 1 million users. Around September 2011, they reached 10 million users. Up until this month they were at 30 million, and Instagram for Android was released.

For those who are worried about the future of Instagram after Facebook’s purchase, you can check out several other photosharing/photo filter apps for iOS here.

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