Report: New iPad Owners Are Loving Their Tablet

new ipad

According to a Changewave survey, it seems that most owners of the new iPad are happy the Apple’s latest tablet.

They surveyed 200 people between March 22-28, and found that 82 percent of those surveyed are “very satisfied”with the new tablet. Of those 200, 16 percent were “somewhat satisfied”, and two percent were “somewhat unsatisfied.” None of those surveyed were “very unsatisfied”

More interesting is that the customer satisfaction is higher than that of the iPad 2. Given all the negative press we’ve been hearing, such as heating concerns, battery charge times, etc, you’d think people would hate the device.

Of the things people disliked, price ranked the highest, price of data plans were next, followed by size/weight. Way further down the line were heat and battery life. In fact, they were the last two on the list.

Furthermore, when asked about heat, most said it was no issue, or that they hadn’t experienced anything, much better than the antenna problems that iPhone 4 owners reported.

You can read the full report at Changewave.

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