Report Says iPhone 4S is Doing Well Globally, But Developed Markets Are Seeing Slowdown


iPhone 4S

It’s already been half a year since the iPhone 4S launched. That’s crazy. Either way, the handset is doing well overall. However, a report by analyst T. Michael Walkley at Canaccord Genuity says that the iPhone is selling slightly less in developed countries, such as the US.

It seems that it’s losing out in favor of 4G LTE smartphones. Still, he says that the decline is modest. That said, Apple is likely to be introducing a 4G iPhone when the next update comes around as they have already done so with the iPad and they must jump on the wagon if they want the handset to do well against rivals from Samsung and HTC.

The major problem with 4G LTE as of the last major iPhone revision is that they were not fond of battery life. At least that was the case with the iPhone 4, and very likely the iPhone 4S. Perhaps they are planning to make slightly more room for a battery as they did with the iPad. There’s no telling, but we’re sure things will come to light soon enough.

[via AppleInsider]

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