Report: The Next iPhone is Due in October, Will Be LTE Handset

iPhone 4S Side

According to analyst Gene Munster at Piper Jaffray, Qualcomm is having some problems keeping up with demand for their 28-nanometer LTE baseband. Sure, whatever that means. In English, that just means that they are experiencing some delays and that it could mean an October 2012 launch for Apple’s next iPhone.

Munster says, as many have, that the iPhone will likely need LTE support in order to remain competitive with the other handsets on the market such as those by HTC or Samsung.

However, Munster does call the launch timing “irrelevant” and adds that the important thing is that Apple make it a worthwhile upgrade.

Right now it’s a bit hard to pin a date on the next iPhone as Apple broke their tradition in 2011 by announcing and releasing the iPhone 4S in the fall rather than their usual summer launch. This makes for two possibilities: 1) Apple will make October their new yearly launch target, or 2) Apple will try to keep it at June and last year was just different for one reason or another.

[via AppleInsider]

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