Retailers Running Low On 15-Inch MacBook Pros? Slim Pro On Horizon?

MacBook Air

New reports are coming in that retailers are running low on 15-inch MacBook Pro models. This normally means one thing, Apple is planning a revision and depleting stock of current computers.

Currently, it’s the 15-inch Pro that seems to be running low. This is ahead of the expected arrival of a slim MacBook Pro that resembles the look and feel of the MacBook Air. The difference being of course that the laptop would have a faster processor and larger form-factor, something perhaps more worthy of being called “Pro.”

It’s also rumored that Apple will be updating the other models in the Pro series, but the updates will be “staggered.” In other words, they will update the 15-inch, then the 13-inch and finally the 17-inch by the end of the year.

Nothing is for sure until it’s announced, but we’ve been hearing thees rumors for a while, and with depleting stock of current models, it’s expected that some sort of update will arrive.

[Via AppleInsider]

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