Rumor: Apple Internally Testing iPhone With 1GB RAM, New iPod Touch?

 iPhone 4S

This isn’t too far-fetched. Apple is due to release a new iPhone sometime this year, we all know that. It would be no surprise if the new handset had 1GB of RAM. It would also be no surprise if Apple were actually testing such a handset. Many label a future iPhone the iPhone 5, but Apple could always call it iPhone 6, being that it would be the sixth-generation device. Heck, what if they just call it new iPhone?

The original report comes from 9to5Mac. Supposedly, they are testing out an iPhone with 1GB of RAM and an iPhone 4 / iPhone 4S design. However, it’s worth noting that the report claims that the new handset is said not to have the iPhone 4 design. They say that the testing in the older device body is to throw off potential leaks. They are said to be testing a variation of the A5X chip, which is found in the new iPad. Thing is, the variation is made to drive the iPhone whereas the one in the new iPad was made to power that Retina display.

It’s also said that the iPod touch is being worked on as well. Supposedly, the new iPod touch is called iPod 5,1 internally. There isn’t any other information on it. 9to5Mac does conclude that it’s likely a major revision as the current-generation model is called the iPod 4,1 internally. The new number could mean an A5 or A5X chip in the device. It makes sense that Apple would continue to support the iPod touch as iOS games and apps continue to increase in popularity.


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