Sprint Sold 1.5 Million iPhones During Their First Quarter

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Sprint announced their first quarter numbers on Wednesday, and apparently, they aren’t all that great. However, it’s reported that they did have some good news to share. The iPhone 4S sales rocked.

They sold 1.5 million iPhones in the quarter. That’s slightly less than their 1.8 million iPhones sold during Q4 2011. That’s of course due to the fact that it was a launch quarter for the iPhone 4S, which broke sales records for the handset.

Furthermore, Verizon managed to sell 3.2 million, according to reports, while AT&T sold 4.3 million. By comparison, Sprint’s numbers aren’t all that impressive. Then again, many of the iPhone’s sold on Sprint’s network are new activations. They say that 44 percent of those are new customers on their network. Of those new customers, 40 percent are said to have broken their contracts to make the switch. They also mention that 60 percent of those folks wouldn’t have switched had it not been for Sprint picking up the iPhone.

You can read the full report here.

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