The iPad: Making Apple Users Out of Everyone

new ipad

Looks like the iPad is becoming the way that first-time Apple buyers become interested in the company and their products. People are buying the tablet and it’s leading them into Apple’s computers and more.

According to the NPD Group, a market research firm that tracks consumer technology, the iPad is actually the first-ever Apple product for one-in-four buyers. Furthermore, the iPad, combined with the iPhone, makes up about one-third, of all first time purchases of Apple products since 2010. The results come from a survey of 3,000 customers in February, meaning it was before the new iPad hit stores.

The research also shows that the iPod was previously the gadget of first-time Apple buyers, of course that’s all changed with the iPad. On top of that, the iPod is on a decline year-over-year.

The iPad is becoming synonymous with Apple. As is the iPhone. Meanwhile, their computers still exist, but aren’t as big a part as they once were with the company.

[via MacWorld]

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