The Onion Browser — Encrypted Browsing For iOS

 onion browser

The Onion Browser is a universal iOS app that gives users anonymous browsing on their iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.

All you do is download the app (linked below) and your web connections will run through Tor (The Onion Router) which goes through various destinations, this makes it so that your IP address cannot be traced, and your physical location can’t be found.

Data will also be encrypted before fit leaves your device, and you can spoof your user agent, which means it can’t be detected that you are on an iOS device.

According to Cult of Mac, the developer, Mike Tigas, is going above and beyond by making the source code available on his website and on GitHub. This allows people to see exactly how it works. Furthermore, 10 percent of what he makes off the 99-cent app is going to the EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation)

[via Cult of Mac]


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