This is Awesome: Send to Kindle for Mac

Send to Kindle for Mac

It’s pretty sweet to be able to send a file to your Kindle from your computer. Send to Kindle for Mac does just that. It’s a small desktop application that allows for users to drag and drop documents into the interface, and have it export to your Kindle.

Send to Kindle for Mac is available from Amazon’s website, and all you have to do is download it from here. Once you’ve done that, just enter your Amazon account information as you do when you register your Kindle, and you are done.

As mentioned before, it’s a drag-and-drop interface. There is also an option that allows you to use an application’s Print menu to send the document to your Kindle. For instance, you can use the print menu in Microsoft Word to have the document sent directly to the Kindle via this App. It’s pretty spiffy. Yes, we used the word spiffy.

Here are some of the features:

  • Send personal documents to your Kindle from your Mac.
  • Drag and drop one or more documents on to the Send to Kindle icon in your Dock or launch the application and drag and drop one or more documents on to it.
  • From any Mac application that can print, select the print menu and choose Send to Kindle.
  • From Finder, simply control-click on one or more documents and choose Send to Kindle.
  • Choose to archive documents in your Kindle library, where you can re-download them conveniently at any time.


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