This Poor Tablet is Competing With the iPad, And Siri


The iPad is a popular device. In fact, one AP writer recently explained that the iPad is the only tablet people seem to know. It harkens back to the days of the original Nintendo Entertainment system when parents just called every videogame console a “Nintendo” regardless of who made it.

Rival tablets are trying to get in on the action, and one of the current tablet/personal assistant type devices is the Ematic. A new application called EDAN competes with Siri.

It’s a virtual assistant. “Ask it a question and she’ll answer it,” says the device’s press release. It’s made specifically for Ematic tablets, and EDAN stands for “Ematic Digital Assistant and Navigator.” That’s quite the name. It’s just that the market is tough to penetrate as it’s dominated by the iPad. Services like Siri, which is on the iPhone 4S make it even tougher. The only thing really going for EDAN right now is that Siri’s full functionality is not available on the iPad. It currently only does dictation, of course that could always change with a firmware update.

Here’s the press release:

Ask a question, and she’ll answer it. Ematic, a leader in value tablets, unveils EDAN—the “Ematic Digital Assistant and Navigator.” The voice-powered virtual assistant app will come preloaded on all Ematic’s tablets in order to help you find the answers to life’s most pressing questions quickly and accurately.

Edan’s intelligence separates her from other similar digital personal assistants on the market, and she’s available exclusively for Ematic tablets. She is able to truly understand a user’s verbal question, and quickly connect to people, businesses, and activities. Edan is the perfect companion for professionals who are constantly on the go.

Here’s how Edan works: The user can either type a question in Edan’s search bar widget or can speak it aloud (i.e. “Where is the closest Sushi restaurant?”). Edan will then respond with the answer. By using voice commands the tablet user can find out just about anything including movie times, directions to popular attractions and more.

Meantime, Edan makes connecting with friends and family simple and easy. Users can dictate an email, text message, tweet or Facebook status without relying on the tablet’s on screen keyboard because of its voice-to-text function. The user can also instruct her to open any app downloaded onto the tablet.

Edan will come preloaded on all Ematic tablets released during April and beyond. For existing Ematic tablets—users can download Edan from the Ematic app shop.

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