Accessory Spotter: Turn Any Sound Into an iPhone Case

iPhone case waveform

This is pretty freakin’ awesome. Shapeways and Soundcloud have collaborated to create cases based on user’s sounds. Basically, they capture a waveform, whether it’s from a random sound, or your favorite song, whatever it may be, and create a 3D print of it. In the end, it becomes an iPhone case.

Shapeways takes a waveform imported to Soundcloud, and samples it at six different frequencies. It grabs the averages and overlays them to create something like the image above. We tried it out ourselves, and it’s pretty cool, but as Wired points out, you really have to find something with a wide dynamic range, otherwise it looks pretty flat and boring.

Still, it’s a very cool concept, and you can create your own and order them from here: The Vibe iPhone Cases

[via Wired]

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