Why T-Mobile is Not Getting Any iPhone Love


Apple’s latest carrier partner is nTelos. According to a report, a carrier with only 400k subscribers in the Virginia and West Virginia area (as well as a few surrounding states).

So why does a carrier that has less than half a million users across a handful of states get the iPhone while larger folks like T-Mobile and Cricket don’t? According to Gigaom, it’s “following the path of least resistance.” What they mean is that nTelos’ CDMA 1X and EV-DO use the same frequency configurations as Sprint and Verizon, as does C Spire’s network (another small carrier who managed to nab the iPhone).

According to the report, Apple could add support to T-Mobile’s wireless frequencies, but that it’s “much harder than it sounds” and that they would likely be unwilling, as they have so far, to build a specific variant of the iPhone just to cater to one carrier.

Oh what a pain the mobile world can be. No?

[Via GigaOm]


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