3 iPhone and iPad Rumors For Your Amusement

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Would you want the iPad to be smaller than this?


There are more iPhone and iPad rumors coming along. Of course they come from Digitimes (via Electronista), so we encourage our readers to take them with a heavy double-dose of skepticism. Still, it’s hard to avoid at least of mention of these rumors, even if it’s solely for the purpose of saying, “we don’t think so.” That said, there are parts of these reports that make sense, so let’s take a quick look at today’s iPhone and iPad rumors.

1) iPhone Due in September

Of the handful of rumors, this one is the most believable. We still don’t think it’s accurate, we’d go with October if we had to place our bets. It seems like Apple has decided that this fall release window, specifically October, will be when they release the iPhone. It sets them up for a successful Q4 and rakes in those massive holiday sales. The iPhone 4S was released in October and it broke records, why fix it if it ain’t broke?


2) 7-Inch iPad to Arrive in August

This rumor just won’t die. Seriously. We think Digitimes has been reporting on the 7-inch iPad since the original iPad days. They are still reporting that it will happen. Granted, the Wall Street Journal did report that Apple was working with such a tablet, but our guess is that it’s just something on the desk in Jony Ive’s magic workshop that may never see the light of day. We’re sure Apple considered many, many designs for their iPad long before the original ever launched. They probably looked at smaller designs and larger designs before they settled on the model we have now. Someone probably just decided to speak up about the smaller tablet. Of course, the counter argument is that tablets like the Kindle Fire have entered the market in the last year or so and give Apple reason to consider a smaller tablet.


3) New 10-inch iPad by Q4 

No. We doubt Apple would want to release another iPad so quickly after the new iPad. They want this sucker to sell, and they’ve likely stockpiled enough for a while. They’ve always kept to a yearly schedule for their devices, and will likely try to keep it that way. Think about it, Digitimes is suggesting that Apple will be releasing the following within 2012: new iPad, new iPhone, iPad mini, iPad 4. That’s four iOS devices in one year, and doesn’t even include their computers and Apple TV, not to mention the long-rumored Apple HDTV which Digitimes has also said many times should be released this year.


Do You Believe?

We think the above rumors are highly unlikely. If anything is plausible, it’s that the next iPhone will release September, and that’s just because it fits within the fall window that the iPhone 4S was released during. Even then, we’d be more inclined to say October.

What do you think of the rumors?


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