4 iOS Devices That Took a Beating and Kept on Ticking

 iPhone 4S

Built to last?

iOS devices aren’t exactly known for durability. Then again, most consumer electronics aren’t If you so much as drop an iPad, it can be totally damaged if the screen takes a good hit. The same goes with an iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S, especially since both sides of the handset are made of glass.

However, there have been a few instances we’ve seen where the devices are put through some hard tests and survive. Some are PR stunts and case makers are just testing out how far their cases will go, but there are also times when a device has worked when we know it really shouldn’t read on.


Third-Gen iPad Encased in Ice


This is the new iPad being put in a ZooGue case and frozen in a giant slab of ice. It would seem that the extreme cold would damage the device or at least cause it to shut off. However, it continues working the whole time, and once they drop it, breaking the ice around the tablet, it still works perfectly.



iPad Survives a 100k Foot Drop

This one is also meant to advertise a case, but again, it’s showcasing an iPad takes some abuse it shouldn’t be able to handle. They attach an iPad to a weather balloon and have it dropped. It’s way the heck up there, you can see the curvature of the earth. It’s insanely high.



iPhone Used a Hockey Puck

G-Form has another little stunt. They put one of their cases on an iPhone and have a hockey player slap it across the rink and shooting it into a net at 82 mph. This one may not be as brutal as the other tests, but we don’t imagine many iPhones would work very well after being smacked around like this without a case.


iPhone Falls Out of Skydiver’s Pocket

iPhone skydive

Here’s another amazing story of an iPhone taking a beating. Jarrod McKinney was skydiving, and it seems that he kind of forgot that his iPhone was in his pocket. Well, it fell 13,500 feet. As far as we know, it didn’t have a case. The phone’s glass was shattered to heck and back, but the handset still worked. In fact, he joked that it solved the antenna problem.


Built to Last?

Well, iOS devices aren’t exactly durable. We’ve already established that. However, these were either put in cases or just survived against incredible odds. It’s been known to happen. It just goes to show you that crazy things can happen.

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