Accessory Spotter: The ioShutter Camera Remote


camera shutter

This is a remote for your camera. It controls your shutter, so that you can step back and take photos without having to be right next to the camera.

As you can see, it runs on iOS and it has a small wire that connects from your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to your camera. From there, you simply use the touchscreen to do the rest.

Here is a short description of what it offers:

It’s a cord/app combo that lets you control your camera’s shutter with your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch’s smarty-pants iOS brains. That means it can do so much more than any camera remote with 6 modes: standard trigger, motion trigger, sound trigger, time-lapse, timer, and bulb.

The app is free, of course, but you will need the cord to make it work.


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